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Against Circumcision
If you want to know as of why I am against it then watch this video (Warning: Graphic and Sexual Images!)…

I know there are millions of stamps like this but I am against it towards infants.  If an adult wants to do it then by all means go for it but a baby has no choice on the matter.

Reasons why I hate it:  
-It is painful for the baby even with anesthetic (babies nerves are more sensitive then ours)
-They can't say no
-The surgery exposes them to infection, abnormal bleeding, removal of too much skin, loss of all parts of the glans, urinary problems, and even death.
-The skin is there to protect the baby when he soils himself.
-The Medical Association of the United States is also against it.
-The foreskin is not a birth defect.
-Circumcision does not prevent stds.
-It does not prevent infections and can actually make infections worse.
(link to information:…)

"But the foreskin can tear!"  Yeah, if he goes in dry and either way going in dry would be painful with or without it.
"But it looks better!"  So we should do a painful procedure for anesthetics look?  That's even worse and to me it doesn't look good.
"But my religion recommends it!" So if your religion told you to chop off your fingers then you would do that too?

I hate circumcision and I got asked so many times by the doctors before or after my son is born.  I fortunately knew about it at the time and said no and I am still glad that I did.  Even though some doctors tried to recommend it. (And yet it has been proven by tons of other doctors as to why it shouldn't be done.

Basically, I think that it is wrong to make choices like this if it isn't necessary and your baby doesn't have a say.  If my son wants to do it when he is old enough to make his own decision and knows the risk then I will be worried but at the same time I won't disagree but as of right now my son doesn't have a voice and is too young so I won't ever allow it.

Being a parent. by crimsonsaphire
Being a parent.
I am sick of the fact that once you reach a certain age and are married then people start to demand others to have children.  I have a son of my own and I love him but I am going to say for others that people shouldn't be obligated to have children.  Some people are horrible to others, while other people just don't want to deal with a child or there not ready for one which is understandable.  
Also, I hate these sayings:  "I want grandkids before I am dead!" or "You will change your mind eventually" Especially the change your mind one.  Sometimes when people get older and their biological clock starts then they might but a lot of the times they don't and people shouldn't be convinced that they will.  Not to mention saying stuff like this is very irritating and rude.
  Also, having a baby is extremely hard.  It's physically and mentally painful to be pregnant, ruins the body, and not to mention takes away a lot and you have to be mentally ready for it.  Like I said, I have a baby and it is harder then it looks so I know that it is ok if someone doesn't want children.  I am glad to have my son but some people are not wanting that and no one should ever be forced because when you force someone to be a parent then no one wins.  Both the kids and the adults will land up being miserable.  So next time, think about that and don't beg your son/daughter or friend to have one.  Again, it is rude and you have no right to say it.
Child obesity by crimsonsaphire
Child obesity
This isn't even an opinion but a full blown FACT and something that as a parent myself bothers me.  I see more and more kids today not even overweight but fully obese which can be prevented.  The worst part is the fact that parents don't even care about the consequences.
  When I worked at my job, I saw so many children coming in that were so big that they could barely even walk.  Not to mention the parents gave them whatever junk food they wanted in the store and I never saw them put fruits or vegetables in the cart.  Not to mention most of the parents were obese themselves so you would think that they would understand the most as to what they were doing to their kids but they never care and it is sickening.

I feel like any kid who is obese should be investigated by the state and if the parents don't crack down on it then their children should be taken away and they shouldn't be allowed to have kids ever again!  I mean it isn't healthy and is wrong.  Being obese takes away their chance to be a kid.  It takes away them being able to run around outside, to be hyper and playful, to feel good and to have fun.  By allowing this to happens, they can barely be able to walk without being out of breath, they are always hungry and miserable, and not to mention the bullying and the health problems as well.  Diabetes-which makes it more limited to eat a lot of food (not just sweets) and they even need to check their blood a few times per day and/or insulin shots which means needles for the rest of their lives.  Not to mention high blood pressure and high cholesterol along with a lot of other repercussions means that they will live a short life.  So parents are KILLING their kids slowly and painfully by allowing this to happen.  This can be prevented though.  Just because parents are obese doesn't mean their children should be.  Learn to say no, choose healthy foods, and limit junk food to once a month.  A small candy bar once a week isn't bad but 10 big candy bars, burgers, and soda is.

Not to mention that adults are mature enough to know the consequences of their actions but kids are not.  It doesn't mean that kids are stupid, but we have to teach our kids in order for them to have a bright future.
So as you have probably noticed, I haven't been making stamps for awhile.  I stopped for a bit because I have been busy for awhile but planned to make more but now I can't for awhile.  My laptop died completely so until I can afford it, I won't be able to make anymore new ones.  I apologize for this and ask you to please be patient.  Thanks.


United States
My name is Ashley

I am in a polyamorous relationship/ (Look it up if you don't know what it is.) :)

My stamps make me sound like a jerk but i'm really not, I just say how I feel.
I admit the stamps aren't that great, I will fix them later when I have time and can get a better program (other than gimp), right now though please just deal with it.

I'm an animal lover and hate PETA. I also eat meat but am happy for vegetarians and vegans to give it up. I also believe that pets do go to heaven.

I love to collect free avatars (I do ask for permission and credit them), and stamps.

The stuff I make and :+fav: tell more about me then this does.

check out my youtube channel crimsonsaphire I have videos of my cat on there…

Favourite genre of music: differs by day
Operating System: nintendo ds, wii, nintendo 64 sega saturn, sega genesis, gamecube
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic
Wallpaper of choice: desktopnexus and wallpaper. The wallpaper people make here are good as well.
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Fenton, Kurama, Peter Griffin, Brian, and Kazooie

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