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Child obesity by crimsonsaphire
Child obesity
This isn't even an opinion but a full blown FACT and something that as a parent myself bothers me.  I see more and more kids today not even overweight but fully obese which can be prevented.  The worst part is the fact that parents don't even care about the consequences.
  When I worked at my job, I saw so many children coming in that were so big that they could barely even walk.  Not to mention the parents gave them whatever junk food they wanted in the store and I never saw them put fruits or vegetables in the cart.  Not to mention most of the parents were obese themselves so you would think that they would understand the most as to what they were doing to their kids but they never care and it is sickening.

I feel like any kid who is obese should be investigated by the state and if the parents don't crack down on it then their children should be taken away and they shouldn't be allowed to have kids ever again!  I mean it isn't healthy and is wrong.  Being obese takes away their chance to be a kid.  It takes away them being able to run around outside, to be hyper and playful, to feel good and to have fun.  By allowing this to happens, they can barely be able to walk without being out of breath, they are always hungry and miserable, and not to mention the bullying and the health problems as well.  Diabetes-which makes it more limited to eat a lot of food (not just sweets) and they even need to check their blood a few times per day and/or insulin shots which means needles for the rest of their lives.  Not to mention high blood pressure and high cholesterol along with a lot of other repercussions means that they will live a short life.  So parents are KILLING their kids slowly and painfully by allowing this to happen.  This can be prevented though.  Just because parents are obese doesn't mean their children should be.  Learn to say no, choose healthy foods, and limit junk food to once a month.  A small candy bar once a week isn't bad but 10 big candy bars, burgers, and soda is.

Not to mention that adults are mature enough to know the consequences of their actions but kids are not.  It doesn't mean that kids are stupid, but we have to teach our kids in order for them to have a bright future.
That Kind Of Mom by crimsonsaphire
That Kind Of Mom
As a new mom, I want to say that I am not going to be that kind of mother who lets her kid act up in a store, throw things, ignore his screaming or crying in a public place, give him everything he wants, or even say "well he doesn't know any better."

I made this stamp because I want other parents to do the same thing.  When you become a mother that means that you are in adult now and have to act as a parent and a teacher to your child first.  Not just try to be their friend, or act like they are a pet, or even like they do not exist.  So I promise that I will not be that way.
Control your children by crimsonsaphire
Control your children
I work at a supermarket and I am so sick of seeing the lack of control that parents have today.  I have seen kids trying to tip displays over, running around, screaming their guts out, throwing a tantrum and parents giving in to their demands, and even taking items and tossing them on the ground.  The worst part is that the parents don't do anything about it.

I am so sick of this.  Learn to teach your child not to do these things no matter how old they are, and don't use the stupid excuse of "well he/she is just a kid.  He/she doesn't know any better."  By saying that, you are telling me that you think your child is stupid.  For pete's sake even babies can learn what the word no means and understand.  By not doing anything you are messing up your child and even making them into a criminal in the future and that is the truth.  I am not even close to exaggerating.  
I had a neighbor who spoiled her kid rotten and gave in to whatever he wanted.  She even bought him things when the school punished him.  All because she felt that since she was divorced, the kid needed to be pampered due to the stress.  Last I heard about him, is that he is in jail now.   Do you want your child to end up the same way?  If you do this to them then they will.  

Not to mention it is a parent's job to teach a child right from wrong and how to behave.  That way when they get older they learn that there are consequences to every action and they can make better choices for themselves.

It honestly saddens me knowing that there are so many kids now that are going to grow up to be messed up because of parents.
Dogs Aren't Human by crimsonsaphire
Dogs Aren't Human
I am sick and tired of seeing people interacting with their dog like it is a person.  For example:  I have seen people yelling at dogs to shut up when they are barking when in reality the dog just sees that as excitement and barks even more.  There are also people who cuddle their dog when they are scared which makes them more frightened and they think that it is helping.   I have even seen extreme cases of people giving dogs weddings or putting clothes on them and thinking that they like it.  They do not understand what it is for they just like the praise.  

Dogs are not like humans.  They work on pack instinct, and do not behave through emotions like we do.  If you get angry at a dog he will get excited and even see you as being weak and not the pack leader.  Likewise, a dog that goes in front with you on walks, jumps all over you, barking continuously, and even being hyper in general is not cute.  It is showing that the dog sees himself as being dominant, and you are his boss.

My pete peve is that people get dogs now without learning how to train them properly or doing any research on them and they even let them do whatever they want.  I love dogs but I do not appreciate it when you let your dog get out of hand and knock me over while making excuses.  
Dogs are not humans and need to be trained like a dog and not a person.  If you can't see the difference then you shouldn't be allowed to own one.

As for the whole clothes thing.  I am fine with a person putting a jacket or a sweatshirt on the dog if it is cold outside.  What I hate is when people dress it up and then say that the dog loves their new clothes.
Pregnancy by crimsonsaphire
I am sick and tired of people thinking that being pregnant means that I shouldn't do anything but stay at home and sit down.  Being pregnant doesn't mean that you can't work, clean, or exercise and that the man has to do everything for you.  

I have had people telling me that I should quit my job because I shouldn't stand and work all day, that my husband should be doing the chores for me even though he works over 40 hours a week and doesn't come home until midnight, that I shouldn't reach up and grab something, or even lifting stuff that weighs less then two pounds.  

I have also seen people saying that it is wrong for men to make a woman do anything while she is pregnant online and that has to stop.  Women are NOT disabled when we are pregnant.  We may need to take it easy on a few things like not lifting really heavy items or go overboard on exercising but we can still move around and do our jobs and other activities.  

I know I kept repeating myself but I am really sick of this.  I get people telling me these things all the time at work and treating me like I am now fragile.

Stamp template made by ahmed art--->
So as you have probably noticed, I haven't been making stamps for awhile.  I stopped for a bit because I have been busy for awhile but planned to make more but now I can't for awhile.  My laptop died completely so until I can afford it, I won't be able to make anymore new ones.  I apologize for this and ask you to please be patient.  Thanks.


United States
My name is Ashley

I am in a polyamorous relationship/ (Look it up if you don't know what it is.) :)

My stamps make me sound like a jerk but i'm really not, I just say how I feel.
I admit the stamps aren't that great, I will fix them later when I have time and can get a better program (other than gimp), right now though please just deal with it.

I'm an animal lover and hate PETA. I also eat meat but am happy for vegetarians and vegans to give it up. I also believe that pets do go to heaven.

I love to collect free avatars (I do ask for permission and credit them), and stamps.

The stuff I make and :+fav: tell more about me then this does.

check out my youtube channel crimsonsaphire I have videos of my cat on there…

Favourite genre of music: differs by day
Operating System: nintendo ds, wii, nintendo 64 sega saturn, sega genesis, gamecube
MP3 player of choice: iPod Classic
Wallpaper of choice: desktopnexus and wallpaper. The wallpaper people make here are good as well.
Favourite cartoon character: Danny Fenton, Kurama, Peter Griffin, Brian, and Kazooie

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